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My mother’s Gondhoraj Mach (something close would be Fish with Kaffir Lime)

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Gondhoraj (aromatic) lebu (lime) is one variety of scented lime available widely in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. A dash of juice of Gondhoraj lebu, any food tastes heavenly. The rind of the lime and leaves are both used in a variety of recipes. We have a Gondhoraj lebu tree at home and my mother makes some awesome dishes using the lime and the leaf. I grew up eating Gondhoraj mach, much before it was on Oh! Kolkata’s menu.  She also cooks chicken, egg, lentil, bottle gourd with Gondhoraj lebu or the leaf of the lime. In fact, I wish my mother could actually patent some of her signature dishes or at least could use the computer and write about her dishes. She would be rich and famous now. hmm! This is my ma’s recipe – the best, most interesting, imaginative, resourceful cook in the world. I have just reduced the use of oil to make it lighter. 

Serves:  4 as side dish
Preparation Time: 30 mins (if you are making coconut milk) 15 mins (If using canned coconut milk)Cooking time: 2mins or less depending in how dry you want the gravy
Taste level: Light, best with steamed rice, high on flavor low on spice

2 fillets River Cobbler (my mother uses any white fish like rui, Katla, Bhetki)
1 cup of coconut milk (see ‘my spices’ section for the process of making coconut milk)
5/6 Cashew nuts
1 medium onion
1-inch ginger
1 Gondhoraj lebu (optional or use 1tablespoon of a lime juice)
2 leafs of Gondhoraj lebu (use kaffir Lime leaf if cannot get hold of Gondhoraj lebu leaf)
¼ -teaspoon of turmeric
¼-taespoon of cumin powder
¼ teaspoon of black paper powder
2 green chili slit in the middle
½ teaspoon of red chili (optional, I did not use)
2 tablespoon of oil
Salt to taste

  1. Clean and cut the fish into small pieces (about 2inch each)
  2. Make a paste of onion and the ginger in a blender. Keep aside. Wash the blender and make a paste of the cashew nuts.
  3. Use a non-stick wok/ karahi/ frying pan and heat the oil. Pour the onion and ginger paste and fry in low heat for 2/3 mins or until they change color.
  4. Add turmeric and cumin powder and fry a little on low heat
  5. Add the fish and fry along with the spice. As the oil is really less and cobbler does not release oil, if the fish starts to stick sprinkle little skimmed milk or water.
  6. Add cashew nut paste, green chili and black paper. Cook for another 5 mins. Again if sticks at this stage, then sprinkle skimmed water or milk.
  7. Add coconut milk and the lime leafs.  Cook until the consistency of the gravy is reduced, fish cooked and you can smell the lime leaf
  8. Sprinkled limejuice and black paper before serving with rice

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  1. this is one of the best fish dishes I have had ....you are a great cook and love the way you use very little oil and minimum spices to create such wonderful dishes... thanks for writing this blog

  2. This is an awesome dish, thanks for sharing. Please share some more varieties.

  3. Oh my gosh this was the yummiest bengali fish recipe I have tasted ....amazingly sumptious !thanks foe sharing this ...

  4. Can u please share other recipes that use gondhoraj leaf. I have a huge bush and rarely use it as I feel it will turn the dish bitter. Your wise inputs will be much appreciated.

  5. This recipe uses two of my most favorite ingredients - gondho lebu and coconut milk! This is definitely on the menu this weekend :)

  6. Thanks Simon. The recipe was awesome. Everyone in my household loved it. Thanks to your mom......and thanks to you for sharing it.


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