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Pan Roasted Chicken with ginger and garlic accompanied with chili lime oil and served with Sharon fruit Salad

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Serves: 2 to 3 for dinner as mains without any sides
Preparation Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins to roast chicken and mix the salad at the same time


Roast Chicken
2 -Chicken legs/Breast (I have used breast)
4- Garlic cloves (you can reduce the quantity as per your taste.  We love the smell of garlic)
2-inch ginger
½ teaspoon Black pepper
2- Tablespoon of limejuice
1-tablespoon of oil
Salt to taste

Chili  Lime Oil:
2-tablespoon sun dried tomato oil (you can use any white/olive/vegetable oil too)
2-tablespoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of chili flakes

Sharon Fruit
Mix Green and Sharon Fruit Salad

 Sharon Fruit Salad:
1- Pack of green leafs (spinach, butter head, lettuce, and rocket)
1- Sharon fruit (you can use any fruit like apple, pear, pineapple, raw sweet and sour mango, sweet mango, pomegranate to name the few)
1- Tomato
½- cucumber
1 cup canned, washed chickpea or garbanzo beans
1-tablespoon roasted almond flakes
1-tablespoon pine seed (optional)
1-tablespoon sweet chili salad dressing (fat free)
1-tablespoon of vinaigrette (fat free)
Salt and black paper to taste

Pan Roasted Chicken

  1. Wash chicken and slit them across.  Paste/grate the ginger and garlic. Marinate the chicken with ginger paste, garlic paste, salt, black paper and lemon juice. Keep aside for 10 mins while you prepare the salad
  2. Heat a tawa/skillet on low flame (as low as possible). Add 1-tablespoon of oil and spread all over. Place the chicken over the pan
  3. Cover and let it cook. Covering will help the chicken cook fast. Lift and turn the chicken occasionally.
  4. If the chicken sticks sprinkle, little water as and when needed. However, do not overdo as the chicken might become soggy and lose the crispness of roasted chicken.  The chicken should release oil. If it does not then I always sprinkle water and avoid the temptation of giving oil .Trust me the taste remains the same. Nevertheless, if you are not as fastidious about oil as I am, then, go ahead and add more oil. It should take around 15 mins but might vary depending on the gas oven/electric oven etc.
  5. Meanwhile slice Sharon fruit, tomato and cucumber in to small pieces. Tear the leafy greens or leave them just the way they are.  Add all the ingredients of salad and mix well. Careful not to put too much force as it might crash the fruits and the salad will become too soggy.
  6. For chili oil, mix lime juice and chili flake. Add oil and keep side to use later.
  7. After 15 mins or so, take the cover off. At this stage, the chicken should be almost cooked but not that brown.
  8. Roast east side of the chicken until golden brown. In my gas, it takes about 5/8 each side.
  9. Once the chicken is cooked to golden brown, take if off the tawa/skillet and let it settle for 5 mins. This process will prevent the chicken from becoming too chewy. Cut the chicken diagonally
  10. Plate up with salad and sprinkle the chili oil over before serving

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  1. Is sharon fruit available everywhere? What can i replace it with, if not available?

  2. Maddy, you can use any fruits like apple, pear, pineapple, raw sweet and sour mango, sweet mango, pomegranate, organge to name the few. the fruit add a sweet taste to the salad which goes very well with the sharp taste of chicken and chili oil. onek ta tok jal et moto....try this salad and add ur imagination... also u can add little carrot in the salad. happy making!


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