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Poush Parbon er Pati shapta: Both sweet and Savory Pati Shapta Pitha for Poush Sankranti

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Coconut and Jaggery filled Pati Shapta

Ingredients for Jaggery and coconut filling

1-cup Grated coconut

Jaggery as per taste (you can use sugar too incase you don’t have jaggery) 

 Ingredients for milk fudge filling

4-litre full cream milk

4/5 Cardamom


Milk Fudge Filled Pati Shapta
 Ingredients for vegetable filling (for people who cannot take sweet)

6-potatoes thinly sliced

2-onions thinly sliced

Pinch of turmeric

1-green chili

Salt to taste

 Ingredients for Pati Shapta  

1-cup Rice Flour/flour (I used flour)

4/5 cardamom, crushed

Water or milk to mix (I used water)


1- Tablespoon of Semolina (optional. Does not matter much if you do not give. I did not use today as I did not have it at home)


Jaggery and Coconut Filling

1.    Heat a pan and add jaggery

2.   When the jaggery is liquid add the grated coconut  and combine well

3.   Cook until sticky and dry but moist enough to work with the mixture
The jaggery and Coconut Filling

Milk Fudge Filling

1.    Reduce milk on low heat

2.   Add cardamom

3.   Reduce it until milk have turned thick and dry

4.   Add sugar or jaggery and cook little more

5.   Dry it until you can work with hands and use as filling in a crepe

Vegetable filling

1.    Heat oil

2.   Fry onion and potatoes

3.   Add salt, chili and turmeric

4.   Fry until cooked

You can used any vegetable filling, even chicken filling

For Pati Shapta or Crepe

1.    Mix cardamom with flour

2.   Add jaggery or sugar

3.   Add Semolina ( if using)

4.   Add water or milk ( I used water) to make a paste

5.   The batter would be little more liquid than pancake batter
Pati Shapta Batter

6.   Smear oil on a hot frying pan. I used one end of a green papaya to smear the oil on the pan
Smearing oil on the pan with the help of vegetable end

7.    Take a deep spoon of batter and pour it over the pan

8.   Make a round using the back of a spoon , this should be evenly distributed

9.   Put the stuffing length wise at one end ( leaving little space to fold) of the Pati Shapta

10.                Fold the pati Shapta from the end where you have placed the filling and roll it till the other end
Savory Pati Shapta for people to do not take sweet or sugar

11. Serve hot or cold

Lot of people pours thick milk over the pati Shapta. I do not like to eat that way. In fact as per my mother bangal’s do not eat that way. Whatever, I do not like to add more milk over it as it is already really sweet. However, you can pour thick milk or condensed milk over pati Shapta before serving.

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