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Sunday Saga Still Continues- Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa Cooked in a Mustard Paste Gravy) --- a quintessentially Bengali Dish!

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6-pieces of Ilish / Hilsa

3-green chili, slit length wise

2-teaspoon mustard seed (I used black) or use 2 –teaspoon mustard seed powder (read instruction of soaking on the pack before using)

1-teaspoon turmeric powder

1-teaspoon red chili powder (I used Kashmiri chili, as I do not eat hot. So use as per your taste)

½-teaspoon of kalo jeera/Nigella seed

Salt to taste

3-tablespoon mustard oil (if you do not have, then use any oil really)


1.    Add 1 green chili and salt with the mustard seeds and make a paste ( do not make paste without the chili and salt, otherwise it might turn bitter) and keep side

2.   Marinate the fish with turmeric, chili and salt

3.   Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the fish and keep aside

4.   Heat more oil and add kalo jeera and let it fry

5.   Add the mustard seed paste, salt ( if needed) red chili and fry until oil separate

6.   Add the fried fish and fry little more, combining the paste with the fish

7.   Add little water and cook until fish is cooked and oil have separated from gravy

8.   Add green chili and sprinkle some mustard oil over the cooked fish

9.   Serve with white boiled rice

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  1. I was craving for this since last week. But we are not getting big ilish here . Macher raja er preparation is to die for


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