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Sunday Saga Yet Continues: Last but not the least THE Tomato Chutney

By 23:21 ,


5-ripe and sweet tomatoes cut into small pieces

½-teaspoon panch phoron

1-green chili

½-teaspoon grated/paste ginger

¼-teaspoon turmeric powder

5-tablespoon sugar (or as per taste of sweetness)

Pinch of Bhaja masala (dry roasted masala dust. See my spice section for details)

Salt to taste

1-tablespoon oil


1.    Heat oil

2.   Add panch phoron and green chili and fry until spatters

3.   Add the cut tomatoes

4.   Add turmeric, ginger and salt

5.   Cook until tomatoes have become almost mash

6.   Add sugar and cook until melted and gravy thickened

7.   Take out in a bowl and Sprinkle the bhaja masala before serving

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