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Malpua for Poush Sankranti

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1-cup flour

¼-cup coarse Semolina

½- teaspoon Fennel seed (saunff)

½- cup sugar (change the quantity suiting your taste of sweetness. My ones were little too sweet for me but my guests for whom I was making, likes them sweet)

½-cup water /milk ( I used water)

Oil for deep-frying


1.     Soak coarse semolina in little water with sugar and saunff/fennel seeds for 20 mins

2.    Add flour. Check the consistency of the batter. It should not be too thick or too loose. You should be able to take a scoop of the batter with spoon and fry them in little fluffy shapes. Adjust water/milk according to the consistency

3.  Deep Fry them
4. Soak in sugar syrup if you like. I did not do it.

Note:  You can add pineapple, bananas, crushes apple, dates or sultanas with the batter to make various version of the Malpua. For the recipe of Anarosh Malpua (Pineapple Malpua), Please visit  Anarosh Malpua

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Happy Poush Sankranti, Makar Sankranti, Bhihu and Lohri to all my friends.

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