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Hello and welcome to Petpujo and Adda, a quintessential Bengali pursuit.

I love everything about life- new days and Monday, people, food, cooking, hosting, dancing, bathroom singing, reading and doing masters in various subjects, painting , talking, writing, working and my job…………! Well, I can now hear my partner R muttering ‘You are not allowed to say I loveeeee. Just say what you don’t like, that will be easy’. That struck me. Really, I cannot find anything that I absolutely do not like. And if I do not approve of something (not same as not liking) I have another huge list of rationalisation for doing so.  
Hence, after much inspiration, encouragement, motivation, pushing and finally when bullied by friends into writing this blog, I decided that it would be very difficult for me to write on a single theme. Therefore, I decided to include matters that defines me: my work on human rights and gender justice, people, food, photography (well, getting there!)  and traveling (the order changes with the context).
I love my food and I love to photograph them. Therefore, they will form  an important aspect of my blog. However, my endeavor would also be to write on development issues such as gender discrimination, child rights, poverty and urban development to name the few. After all best route to heart (and to mind) is through stomach, isn’t!
Why Petpujo and Adda?

Petpujo -a Bengali phrase meaning worshiping the stomach, best describes Bengali’s fascinations with everything edible. Adda Mara -for the uninitiated is a friendly chatting cum discussion session that is fundamental to Bengali life. To be honest when we are not eating we are talking. Find me a Bengali who does not love to eat and talk about food and whose favorite pastime is not adda maroing. I bet you will find none.
We know and love our food. We are also very adventurous about trying different food but proudly decide our palate is the best. We also like (like?!!!!!! too less said)  to talk, debate, discuss and give our expert opinion  about everything from politics, to science, to book, to music  to Hindi cinema. Food and talking governs our life and we are unapologetic about it.

So the name- It’s pretty self explanatory isn’t?
Hope you enjoy being in my blog. Happy cooking and brain storming.

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