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Winter Warmer Root Vegetables and Chicken One Pot Dinner

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Well, after thousands of Christmas lunches, between shopping eating, endless New Year Parties and then of course the  Poush Sankranti eating extravagance- it is time for me to remember ( at least I am trying. So you are not allowed to laugh) that I had promised to eat healthy for my dinner.
I am not one of those people who think healthy food is essentially bad food or no food at all. I actually like my food to be light, easy to cook –something that does not make me sluggish after eating. I love eating vegetables, fish and chicken. At the same time, I do not like bland food. My food needs to have texture, flavor and the spices. A combination of sweetness from vegetables, that meaty taste of fish or chicken and the zing of Asian spices like little green chili, black pepper, mustard, cumin, coriander etc. And of course the color: it has to be inspiring.
I am cooking a one-pot dish today, which has everything that I like. Note:  I am using chicken for protein and as I like it so much. That is optional. You can use kidney bean (rajma), chickpeas (chana) or Paneer in case you want some protein in your food. Otherwise, you can make this dish with just vegetables and it tastes equally wonderful.  
Ingredients (Measured for Two):

100g-carrots cut into small cubes

100g-Swede cut into small cubes

100g-Parshnip cut into small cubes

100g-Potatoes cut into small cubes

6-small pieces of chicken (optional)

1-large onion, cut in to thick wedges

3-cloves of garlic, sliced

3-tablespoon of tomato puree/ketchup ( I used  no added sugar version)

1-tablespoon of whole grain mustard paste

½-cup red lentil, washed

1-teaspoon dried oregano

1/2-teaspoon red chili flakes
1-tablespoon oil

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste


1.     Heat a pan with oil and fry garlic until you can smell it

2.    Add onion and fry the onion until almost caramelised

3.    Add the chicken and salt

4.    Add black paper and fry for a while

5.    Add the washed lentil

6.    Add rest of the vegetables and fry for 10mins

7.    Add water and boil

8.    After 10 mins to add tomato puree,oregano and red chili flakes
9.    Slow cook until water has reduced, chicken cooked and gravy thickened

10. Add more water and add the mustard paste

11.  Cook until desired gravy achieved

12. Serve  hot as one course meal or with  a slice of bread

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  1. swthrt..looks yummy..but also share moments with ur food na

    1. Arhieee... u can to my blog!!!!!! so you are alive...hmm.. what moment? that i am cooking is not a moment? does it not say anything about the person? think about it... also this is a very public space... so this is all i am sharing... but do explain what you mean by moment

  2. You have a great collection of recipes..loved your site..glad to follow you.

    1. Thank you Vidya. that is so kind of you...I try my best.. but I am very new at blogging...wonderful comments, follower and suggestions are very encouraging....please keep in touch.. and Thank you for dropping by

  3. That's an comfort one pot bowl meal....love the addition of chicken....

  4. This is the kind of comfort soup we want now a days ..Though we are witnessing bright sunny day but windy and by evening it is cold. Good going gal ..

    1. it is snowing in london.. i can see snow from my office window.. feel like running out and making a snow man! i should eat something special today... do not know what to cook...want to go for a movie at night if I reach home before 7.30pm... tumi kemon acho?

  5. thanks for this recepie..will try it soon..plz post soe more healthy yes tasty recepies like this..will be of great help..:)

    1. Reshma... thank ou so so much.. it is very encouraging to recive comments and suggestion.. i am very new at blogging and you are the first one ( other then my friends who already know me) to request some recipes from me.. i am so so happy! i will surely put more healthy easy food recipes...please come back soon and see you more often.. and i will have few more healthy food coming your way


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