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Galia Melon Salad- Breakfast made easy

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We went for the Olympics yesterday for women’s final at centre court, Wimbledon that starts at 2.20pm. However, in the morning we received a sms (or text as Londoners say) informing us that mixed double will be played at the centre court prior to women’s final and should start around noon. It was already 7.30am in the morning and Wimbledon is far from our home. And, R needs to reach everywhere well (well, very well) before time. On top of it, for months, Transport for London has been motivating people to “stay ahead of the games” and we have taken that very seriously. Therefore, we decided that we should leave home by 9am.
It is a Saturday and I hate to eat my cereal on a weekend. With leaving bed to having my tea to taking shower, I only had less than an hour before we leave. I had nothing in the fridge from which I could make a quick breakfast other then the Galia melon. Therefore, I decided to make a breakfast salad with it. Galia is hybrid melon from honeydew and cantaloupe cross. It is sweet, spicy and flavored, more like cantaloupe then honeydew. It is at its best in the summer and is very easily available in all stores and fruit sellers. A medium Galia Melon has as little as 200 calorie, no fats, no cholesterol.  A  Very healthy and a very quick salad- just what I wanted for yesterday
Galia Melon Breakfast Salad
Serves: 2
Preparation time: 15mins
1 Galia Melon (Medium)
4-tablespoon white wine vinegar
4-tablespoon fish sauce
Pinch of sugar (optional)
Chili flakes (depending on your taste)
1-teaspoon chive
2-teaspoon coriander

Take the skin and seeds off the melon and  cut into small dices
Add white wine vinegar and fish sauce and mix
Add sugar, chives, coriander . Mix all the ingredients
Garnish with little chili flakes and serve in a cereal bowl

And Enjoy your day!

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