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Rajasthani Safed Maas (Rajasthani styled mutton cooked in white gravy)

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I avoid eating red meat. I reserve any red meat cooking for friends who love mutton. In that way, R gets to eat mutton occasionally, which is good, and seems like better option than total ban. This mutton preparation is from a Rajasthani kitchen of a family friend and ardent Rabindranath Thakur’s followers. She knows my weakness for this preparation of mutton and makes sure that I get to eat it whenever I visit. Now that, I have to wait for another 6 months before I get to eat this dish from her kitchen, I decided to cook it in my kitchen .In addition, I wanted to cook something nice for our dearest friend S da and this is just perfect. I only have bits and bobs idea about the original preparation of the dish. Nevertheless, that should not stop me from trying to make it, right? Therefore, here is my version of the dish- a transformation of taste in the mouth to imagination to finally cooking!

1 Kg mutton or lamb (I used mutton) diced
1-cup yoghurt
2-tablespoon oil (I reduced the oil as per my taste. You can use more if you like. My friend’s house use ghee for this recipe)
6- Green cardamoms
6- Cloves
2-inch cinnamon sticks
2-medium to large onion, thin sliced
2-inch ginger (julienne)
3-pod garlic paste
1-teaspoon white/black pepper powder (I used black)
5-tablespoon poppy seeds (paste)
3-tablespoon coconut (paste or shredded)
3-tablespoon panir (grated) (my friend’s house use khoya (milk fudge).  Just to make it light I used panir)
5- Blenched Almonds paste (to keep the gravy white. If you do not have blenched Almonds, use normal ones. The color of the gravy will change but the taste remains the same)
5- Blenched Almond whole
5-Cashews paste
5-Cashew whole
Pinch of saffron (optional)
1/2-cup milk and little extra to soak the saffron if using
6-8 whole red chilies deseeded (in case you do not want your gravy hot. Otherwise can leave the seeds)
Salt to taste


 1.    Boil the mutton/lamb with little salt until half done. I pressure-cooked it for the boiling.
2.    Discard the water and the transfer the mutton/lamb pieces on a separate bowl
3.    Marinate with yoghurt
4.    Heat the oil and add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and onion
5.    Fry until onion is translucent
6.    Add the ginger and fry for another 5/6 mins
7.    Add the mutton. Also add pepper powder
8.    Cook on low flame for about 20 mins or until mutton/lamb is almost cooked.   Add little milk incase mutton is sticking at the bottom.
9.    Add poppy seed paste, coconut and milk and cook for another  10-15 mins
10. Add the almond and cashew and cook for another 10 mins
11. Add garlic paste cook for 5 mins
12. Add milk or water if you like
13. Cook the mutton until  well-done and gravy has reduce to desired consistency
14. Add the saffron soaked milk  and mix well
15. Garnish with red chili and serve

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  1. At what stage would you add paneer/khoya?


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