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Stir Fried Chicken with Onion and Curry Leaf for my little friend from the bus

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There is this little boy who travels in same the bus as I do. Every day he will sit in one of the front seats and he will keep his bag on the other. And Every day I will go near the seat and stand. He will not move his bag. Then I will request him to remove his bag. He will remove the bag and I will sit next to him. Then he will give me his cutest smile and I will smile back at him. It seems like a game that we play with each other.  He reminds me of me, my brother D and every little kiddos that I have worked with in various schools in Delhi. However, he is in many ways very different from others. He reads a book and listens to classical music (I can hear his music but unable to identify). Engrossed! Then he will look outside and smile.  A tilt of the head. Then back to reading. His hair disheveled and long. He looks very much absent from the space he is occupying.  Then he prepares to get off the bus. I never move until he requests me.  Well, we are playing a game so we need to be equal. He will get off the bus, turn and give his big innocent smile. And I will smile back. Always! For last 30 days. He is the best thing about my going to work.
I was thinking about him while making this chicken. And that brings a smile on my face. Children can be so interesting sometime.

10-chicken legs, washed and cleaned
3- Onions, diced
½-teaspoon black mustered
2-dried red chili
2-tablespoon of my madras curry powder (check my spices section in the blog)
10-curry leafs
1-tablespoon oil
Salt to taste

1.       Marinate the chicken with my madras curry powder and salt
2.       Heat oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds, red chili and curry leafs
3.       When the seed starts to crackle, red chili has turned dark, add the chicken.
4.       Fry the chicken until almost done
5.       Add the onions and fry with the chicken
6.       Serve as finger food or starter

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