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French Beans Fried with coconut

By 21:13

This recipe is a blessing in disguise for hectic- day-after –office- cooking. It takes around 20mins to prepare and cooks with no compromise on the taste.  You can eat it with rice as well as roti. In fact you can also eat with bread like a bean sandwich

Try it! You will not regret

You will need:
230gm French beans cut into small pieces

3-tablespoon shredded coconut

1-teaspoon red chili flakes

½-teaspoon Kalo jeera (Nigella seed)

½-teaspoon turmeric

1-green chili

1-teaspoon oil

Salt to taste


1.       Heat the oil

2.       When hot, add the kalo jeera or Nigella seeds and  fry for 30 secs

3.       Add the French beans

4.       Add turmeric,  red chili , salt and fry

5.       Add coconut and fry until cooked. Add green chili just before taking off the flame

6.       Serve hot with rice, roti or even bread as sandwich filler

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