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Makha Makha Aloo Chingri (Prawn cooked with potatoes)

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Another very simple yet very tasty recipe with prawn. This one is lovely with steamed rice or roti. The days you do not have time for an elaborate cooking yet want to eat something nice, try this one.
230gm prawn
2-small onion, thinly sliced
2-potatoes, small dices
½-chili powder ( or paprika incase you do not like your food hot)
½- turmeric
½-ginger powder
½-cumin powder
1-tablespoon oil
Salt to taste
1.       Heat oil
2.       Add the diced potatoes in the oil and fry for 5/8 mins
3.       Add the onion and fry until both potatoes and onion is cooked
4.       Add the prawn
5.       Add chili powder, turmeric, ginger , cumin and salt
6.       Fry until spices are mixed well and fried
7.       Sprinkle oil in case sticking at the bottom
8.       Add water and cook for 10/15mins or until the gravy is thick
9.       Serve with steam rice or roti

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  1. Tried out your recipe. It was absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing


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