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Maushumi r Doi Begun (aubergine with Yoghurt-a recipe by Maushumi)

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Maushumi, a friend of mine astounded me with her Doi Begun (aubergine with Yoghurt). She grew up in Orissa and shared with us the amazing recipe that belongs to the state. When I saw the picture of her dish, I knew it was something that I would definitely cook, and rather soon. But the dish over exceeded all my expectation

We Bengalis cook aubergine with mustard, yoghurt and sometime even with Kasundi (fermented or pickled mustard sauce, very traditional mustard sauce from West Bengal). I love aubergine cooked with Doi (yogurt) and Shorshe bata (mustard paste). But this dish…. ohhhhhhhhhh ummaaa.. is the right expression!!! Simple to make, looks beautiful & stunning and taste…. Ohhhhhh… I do not have words to describe it.

I am in love with it. When I eat it for the first time last weekend, the newness of the taste, the minimalism of the ingredients, layered texture and freshness of spices took my breath away. Since then I have cooked the dish three times already, treated friends and would treat to few more.

I am giving almost exact recipe from Maushumi with little changes in the quantity as I made to suit my palate.

Please please, give dish a try.. Otherwise, you would be missing something out of the world.


1-aubergine/begun/brinjal/eggplant, cut into round slices

1-teaspoon turmeric

½-chili powder

1-cup yoghurt, I used Greek fat free. You can use hang curd or any other you like.

½-musterd seeds

7/8-curry leaves (you can buy them at any Indian/Sri Lankan shop)

½-inch finely chopped ginger

2/3-dried red chili

Pinch of Heeng (Asafoetida, this is the first time ever I used heeng ever in my life)

Salt to taste

Oil to fry the aubergine as well as for later use


1.    Soak the aubergine in salt water for 1 hour, so that it takes less oil to fry

2.    Take them off the water and Marinate the aubergine with turmeric, chili and salt

3.    Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the aubergine until both sides are dark brown and aubergine is soft like cotton

4.    Place the fried aubergine in a serving bowl

5.    Beat the yoghurt with salt and keep aside

6.    Heat little more oil in a pan

7.    Add mustard seed and fry until they starts to splatter

8.    Add the dried red chili,  ginger and fry until ginger is almost  golden brown

9.    Add curry leaves and fry so that now ginger is  crispy and curry leafs are fried but yet green

10. Add heeng and take off the fire in 10 secs

11.  Now spread the yoghurt over the fried aubergine so that they are fully covered

12. Spread the fried spices over the yoghurt like in picture

13. Serve with white boiled rice and enjoy the bliss!

Note: after adding the yoghurt, do not cook or warm the dish as it might curdle the yoghurt  

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  1. It looks delicious and I would like to try it out. Your recipe states ½-chili powder and ½-mustard seeds- can you please specify whether you mean tea spoon or table spoon? Thanks!


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