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Mustard and Garlic pan roasted Chicken on a bed of Lemon and Coriander couscous: Dinner made in jiffy!

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I had so much food over the last five days of Durga Puja (Bengali festival) that today I am craving for some light and easy to make food. Therefore, I decided to make some couscous and pan roasted chicken. You can make it vegetarian by replacing chicken with Paneer, tofu, beans, mushroom (yummy) or any other vegetable you like!

To make dinner for two, you will need:

4- Pieces of chicken (depending on your need)

2- Pod of garlic grated

1- Teaspoon of mastered paste (I have used English mustard)

3-tablespoon finely cut coriander leaves

3-tablesppon lemon juice

50/70gm couscous (or more depending on your need)

Salt to taste

1 tablespoon of oil


1.    Rub the chicken with mustard and garlic and sprinkle salt

2.    Heat a pan and rub oil

3.    Roast the chicken on slow heat over the pan

4.    If sticks at the bottom sprinkle water

5.    Take couscous in a bowl

6.    Add the coriander and lemon juice and salt and mix well

7.    Add hot water and cover the bowl for 10 mins. this way the aroma of coriander will infuse nicely inside couscous  ( add a little more water than couscous)

8.    Meanwhile chicken would be ready

9.    Fluff the couscous with a fork and serve with pan roasted chicken

Voila, your dinner is ready! Didn’t I say in a jiffy?

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