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Spicy Marinated Fish Fry

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 400g-Fish (I used Herrings. You can use sardine, mackerel, or any other fry that you like to eat fried like Rahu, katla, maybe even prawn should taste good I should imagine)

2-tablespoon lemon juice

1-tablespoon ginger paste

1-tablespoon garlic paste

1-teaspoon chili powder

1-tablespoon turmeric powder

Salt to taste

4-tablespoon oil


1.    Clean the fish and slash them on both sides

2.    Make a paste of the spices and add lemon juice and salt

3.    Marinate the fish with the spice paste for 10mins

4.    Heat oil in pan

5.    Fry the fish individually, both side should be brown and crispy

6.    Serve with white rice and wedges of lime as starter

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