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Kalo jeera diye makha makha Aar Mach (Giant river-catfish cooked with nigella seed in spicy thick gravy-very Bengali, very Noakhaila, very my didon dish)

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8-pieces Aar Mach. Washed and clean

¼-teaspoon kaloo jeera

1-teaspoon red chili powder

1-teaspoon turmeric

1-teaspoon cumin powder

1-teaspoon ginger paste

2-green chili, slit length wise

1-bay leaf

Salt to taste

3-tablespoon oil to fry the fish

2-tablespoon to cook

Little coriander leaf, sliced


1.    Marinate the fish with bit of red chili, turmeric, salt and the fry until light golden on both sides and cooked well. Do not deep fry

2.    While fish is frying, take all the spices in a bowl, add little water and make a little watery paste

3.    Now when the fish are fried, keep them aside

4.    In the same pan heat more oil

5.    Add bay leaf, kalo jeera and green chili and fry a little

6.    Add the spice paste and cook until oil has separated

7.    Now add the fish and try to turn them so that spice mix is rubbed all over

8.    Fry little and add little water and cook until oil separates

9.    Add little more water ( little extra than the gravy you want to keep but not much as this dish is suppose to be little on the dry side) and cook until desired consistence achieved

10. Add coriander leaf and cook for another 2 mins

11.  Serve with hot boiled rice 

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