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Onion/Shallot Thoran ( Kerala)

By 23:26 ,

Very unique as far as I am concerned and very tasty. I do not know why I got to know about it so late. However better late than never.


2-big red onions, chopped finely

100-grated coconut

1-teaspoon chana dal (Bengal gram)

1/2-teaspoon mustard seeds

1-green chili chopped

10-curry leaves

Salt to taste

2-tablespoon oil



1.    Heat oil in a pan

2.    Add mustard seeds and fry

3.    Add  chana dal, half of the curry leaves and fry until dal is light brown

4.    Add onion, green chili, salt and fry until onions are soft

5.    Add coconut and rest of the curry leaves

6.    Cook for while, 5 mins

7.    Serve as salad or as accompaniment with other main course

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