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Spicy Moroccan Chicken Skewer

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I have not used the oven in my new home. It does not look in great shape and that is upsetting me already. So it is important that it works well. I decided to make something that is easy and quick to make and have very little chance of going bad in case the oven works up.  So I am making this Moroccan Skewers both in vegetarian and non vegetarian version. This one is with chicken. There is a vegetarian version of the dish after this post

By the way I realised that I have not written about my work for long. Well I am very busy with work and cleaning home. So soon will be back!

Until then happy cooking!

Ingredients for Spicy Moroccan Chicken  Skewer

250- Boneless chicken breast cubed

1- teaspoon coriander powder

1- teaspoon cumin powder

1-teaspoon cinnamon powder

1- teaspoon red chili powder ( optional or depending on taste)

2- garlic cloves grated

6-teaspoon plain waterless fatless yogurt (hung curd or Greek yoghurt)

1-red bell pepper cut into same sized cubes as chicken

1-onion, cut into same sized cubes as chicken

Salt to taste

1-tablespoon oil


1.   Mix coriander powder, cumin powder, cinnamon powder, red chili powder, garlic cloves grated and yogurt and salt.

2.   Add the chicken and marinate in refrigerator as long or as little you like depending on time you have. I did not 15 mins

3.   Preheat the grill to 200c heat

4.   Remove chicken from marinade.

5.   Thread 1 chicken piece, 1 pepper piece, and 1 onion alternately onto each skewer, beginning and ending with pepper or onion

6.   sprinkle evenly with remaining salt and little oil

7.   Arrange skewers on grill rack coated with oil

8.    Grill until golden brown. In case they are cooked but not brown braise them on oiled & heated pan to make then little brown

9.   Serve with warm pitta, roti, couscous, bread or rice along with cucumber and yoghurt sauce with coriander

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